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The stunning skyline of Hong Kong
One of the Seven Wonders of the World - The Great Wall in Beijing
The Legendary The Bund in Shanghai
The fairy wonderland of Guilin
The Terra Cotta Warriors - the mysterious underground troop of Emperor Qin
Hangzhou: The Paradise on Earth
The colour Jiuzhaigou in Sichuan
The trading port of Guangzhou (Canton)
Prayer Wheels, Tibet
The classical garden in Suzhou - a symbol of perfect harmony
The Amazing Sea of Clouds, Rocks, and Pine Trees on Mt Huangshan
Ethnic minorities in Xinjiang
The ancient city of Pingyao, a UNESCO World Heritage site
Longmen Grottoes - the jewels of ancient Buddhist art
Chinese New Year decoration
Welcome to Momentous Asia!

About Us

Momentous Asia is travel and destination management company set up by a group of young travel and event professionals, to share the joy of travel and excitement of creating events for our clients. We are an IATA accredited agent and our travel agent licence is 353406. Furthermore, we have been handling events for our financial clients and to assist them to organise field trips and road shows, and we are fully compliance with global financial industry's due diligent and sanction requirements.

Hotel/Air Booking

Book your hotels worldwide with instant confirmation. Credit cards are accepted via secured payment gatways offered by licenced banks in Hong Kong. Your credit card details will be captured by the banks direct.

No more pre-selected hotels for your next trip. Enjoy a momentous journey to Asia, where you'll make your decision on choice of hotel, for a holiday which is uniquely your style!


Unique tours by nature:

History Landscape
Biking Walking
Hiking Culinary

Look for our symbols to create your own unique itinerary, and you can combine as many destinations as you prefer.

What's more, you'll pick your own departure dates - no more pre-scheduled or fixed itinerry, but your original momentous holidays!


Looking for an activity to motive your team, impress your key clients or launch your new products? We'll create your WHOOPING MOMENT to impress! With our intimate knowledge of our destinations, we'll incorporate local culture into team building or group activities. We'll set up the scene and ambience of your gala events, line up entertainment and performing troupes, with creative flair by our Event Consultant Mr KC Tsang, a film producer and writer in Hong Kong.


Our Momentous Conference Solution will assist you to organise a seemless conference with On Line Registration via secured payment gateways and On Line Abstract submission.
What's more, we'll help you to organise a green meeting via application of technology: mobile apps, exclusive wifi service at venue, livestream to better organise your presentation files at different breakout rooms, barcoding to capture delegates information instantly and efficient...

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